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 New on wow? Tips here!

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PostSubject: New on wow? Tips here!   Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:15 am

Okey, so you are new on World of Warcraft, I will give you some good tips how to become a better wow players.

#1 Where do I go?
If you dont know where you shude level you can go to Hero's Call Board in any City.
They are often beside AH.

If you looking for anything in a City, Just ask a guard!

#2 Need help?
Wowhead - On this site you can search on Quest, Items etc. You can everything that is ingame on this site! (Allmost)

#3 Addons.
Curse - This website is for Downloading wow addons, addons will help you quest, see your abilitys proc, better UI etc. You shude really check it out.

#4 Keybinds!
You shude use as much Keybinds you can, more keybinds means less clicking and you wont lose as much time moving around the mouse and clicking on your spell. Instead of looking where you click you can see where the enemys are!

#5 Dont keyturn!
Keyturners I have to say are one of the most hatest newbies on wow. Keyturning means you are using A & D to turn you character. Another way to turn your character around is to hold down your right mouse key while moving your mouse.

#6 Talents
You dont need more then 5 points in your Talent tree to go longer down in your tree. Please read before you click any, if you see a talent increase the damage on a attack you use often you shude ofcourse take it. But if you are another specc for exemple healer I would suggest to specc best healing specc.

#7 Glyph
You can unlock your first 3 Glyphs in Talent tree at level 25. This help your Abilitys to becouse better & Stronger. They are crafted by Inscribtion or bought on the Action House.

L2** - Learn to ****
CC - Crown Controll (Sheep, Fear, Hex, Root, Sap etc.)
Gear - It can mean Armor or Weapons.
Specc - Healer, Tank, DPS. (Could also be one of your Talent in your Talent tree. For exemple if someone tell you to specc "More dmg for Moonfire").


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PostSubject: Nice guide   Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:02 pm

Nice guide !! im making a gold guide for newbs. Im not the best to make gold but i had over 500g in level 22 and i have enough for flying mount right now ( im level 47 )
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New on wow? Tips here!
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